Explanation of Plates (180–183).

Plate 180.

Plate 180: EUCALYPTUS PERFOLIATA R.Br. Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. perfoliata R. Br.

  • 1a. Pair of young connate leaves; 1b, fruit with a very short stalk. Roe's River, York Sound, North-west Australia. (Allan Cunningham, No. 238, September, 1820.)
  • 2a. Portion of leaf, not in the perfoliate state; 2b, flowers; 2c, anthers. “North-west Coast, Australia” (Surgeon Bynoe). (Nos. 1 and 2 were drawn by Miss M. Smith, of Kew, from original specimens in the Kew Herbarium).
  • 3a. Pair of leaves, still in the “juvenile” stage, and yet the plant is bearing flower-buds; 3b, sessile fruit. Lennard River, Kimberleys (W. V. Fitzgerald, No. 333.)
  • 4. Fruit, more urceolate than the type. King's Sound, North-west Australia (W. W. Froggatt, 1886).
  • 5. Buds. Mt. Anderson and Grant Range, Kimberleys. (W. V. Fitzgerald, August, 1906). The fruits of this specimen are similar to 3b, but with rather smaller orifice.

Plate 181.

Plate 181: EUCALYPTUS PTYCHOCARPA F.v.M. [See also Plate 182.] Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. ptychocarpa F.v.M.

(See also Plate 182.)

  • 1a. Juvenile leaf (as young as I have seen); 1b, fruit, the ribs not winged and the fruit more globular than in the type. In swamps, Northern Territory, north of 15° (W. S. Campbell).
  • 2a, Intermediate leaf; 2b, bud, with ribs; 2c, buds and flowers, the ribs almost winged; 2d, front and back views of anthers. Eight Mile Spring on to Tamburini, Northern Territory (G. F. Hill, No. 809).
  • 3. Fruit; Bathurst Island, Northern Territory (G. F. Hill, No. 469).

Plate 182.

Plate 182: EUCALYPTUS PTYCHOCARPA F.v.M. (1,2) [See also Plate 181.] E. SIMILIS Maiden. (3,4) E. LIRATA (W. V. Fitzgerald) Maiden. (5) E. BAILEYANA F.v.M. (6) Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. ptychocarpa F.v.M. (See also Plate 181.)

  • 1. Buds and flower, with long peduncle, long pedicels, and long filaments. Pine Creek, Northern Territory (C. E. F. Allen, No. 116.)
  • 2a. Mature leaf; 2b, bud; 2c, fruits. Woollybutt Creek, near Phillips Range, North West Australia (W. V. Fitzgerald, No. 950.)

E. similis Maiden.

  • 3a. Juvenile leaf; 3b, mature leaf; 3c, buds; 3d, front and back view of anthers; 3e, fruits. Desert country, west of Emerald, Queensland (G. H. Carr). The type.
  • 4. Fruits. Alice, 328 miles west of Rockhampton, Queensland (W. Pagan, through C. T. White).

E. lirata (W. V. Fitzgerald) Maiden.

  • 5a. Mature leaf; 5b, fruits. Summit of Bold Bluff, Kimberleys, North West Australia. (W. V. Fitzgerald, No. 843). The type.

E. Baileyana (Maiden) F.v.M.

(See my “Forest Flora of New South Wales,” Part XXXV, p. 71, Plate 132, where it will be seen that I have amended Mueller's original description and figure of the species.)

  • 6a. Two juvenile leaves, bearing stellate hairs; 6b, mature leaf; 6c, buds; 6d, front and back views of anther; 6e, calyx-tube; 6f, fruits. Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane, Queensland (A. Williams). The locality is that of the type, and the drawings are taken from the “Forest Flora” plate already quoted.

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Plate 183.

Plate 183: EUCALYPTUS LANE-POOLEI Maiden. (1) [See also Figs. 4 and 8, Plate 74.] E. EWARTIANA Maiden. (2,3) [See also Fig. 11, Plate 74.] E. BAKERI Maiden. (4,5) E. JACKSONI Maiden. (6,7) Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. Lane-Poolei Maiden.

  • 1a. Mature leaf; 1b, buds; 1c, front and back view of anther. Beenup, Perth to Bunbury Railway Line (C. E. Lane-Poole). The type.
  • (This species was formerly figured as E. Oldfieldii F.v.M. in figures 4 and 8, Plate 74, Part XVII of the present work.)

E. Ewartiana Maiden.

  • 2. Fruits (larger than the type), Camp 4, vicinity of Yeelunginna Hill, say, in lat 27, 20 S., long. 131, 70 E., South Australia. Elder Exploring Expedition (recorded by Mueller and Tate as E. Oldfieldii). (R. Helms, 12th June, 1891.)
  • 3a. Juvenile leaf; 3b, anther, three views. Pindar, W.A. (J.H.M.).
  • (This species was formerly figured as E. Oldfieldii var. Drummondii in figure 11, Plate 74, Part XVII of the present work.)

E. Bakeri Maiden.

  • 4a. Juvenile leaves (the oil-glands as prominent as those of E. approximans Maiden, see Plate 179, Part XLIII); 4b, anther; 4c, twig, bearing mature leaves and fruits. Ticketty Well, between the Gwydir and McIntyre Rivers, northern New South Wales (E. H. F. Swain, No. 42). The type.
  • 5a. Broader, shorter leaf, from a fruiting twig; 5b, buds, seven in the head. Jericho, Queensland (J. L. Boorman.)

E. Jacksoni Maiden.

  • 6a. Juvenile leaf; 6b, juvenile leaf, a stage more advanced; 6c, mature leaf; 6d, fruits. Deep River, Nornalup Inlet, South West Australia (Sid. W. Jackson). The type.
  • 7. Twig with mature leaves and immature buds. Two miles from the Franklin River, on the Denmark, road, South West Australia (Dr. F. Stoward, No. 114).