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Explanation of Plates (184–187).

Plate 184.

Plate 184: EUCALYPTUS ERYTHROCORYS F.v.M. Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. erythrocorys F.v.M.

  • 1a. Juvenile leaf; 1b, mature leaf, of No. 70, 6th Collection, Western Australia (James Drummond).
  • 2a. Juvenile leaf, covered on both sides with stellate hairs; 2b, mature leaf; 2c, the axis; 2d, a sessile bud and a newly expanded flower on a long, flattened peduncle; 2e, stamens; 2f, the biretta-like operculum looked at from above; 2g, an individual flower, looked at from above, showing the stamens (somewhat tufted, and a little diagrammic) and the stigma. All from specimens grown in the Botanic Gardens, Sydney, from seed from near Dongarra, W.A., (Mr. E. W. Clarkson, through Mr. W. D. Campbell, L.S.).
  • 3a, 3b. Different views of fruits from the Murchison River, W.A. (Augustus Oldfield, in the Vienna Herbarium).
  • 4. Fruit from near Dongarra, the largest I have seen (W. D. Campbell).

Plate 185.

Plate 185: EUCALYPTUS TETRODONTA F.v.M. Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. tetrodonta F.v.M.

  • 1a. Juvenile leaf; 1b, intermediate leaf. Darwin, Northern Territory (Dr. H. I. Jensen, July, 1916).
  • 2. Buds with strongly marked wing-like processes to the operculum. Messmate Creek, Packhorse Range, North-West Australia (W. V. Fitzgerald, No. 1,214).
  • 3a. Buds; 3b, a flower in elevation; 3c, a flower in plan; 3d, front and back view of anthers; 3e, mature leaf and fruits; 3f, plan of a fruit. Pine and Horseshoe Creeks, Northern Territory (E. J. Dunn).

Plate 186.

Plate 186: EUCALYPTUS ODONTOCARPA F.v.M. (1-3) EUCALYPTUS CAPITELLATA Sm. (4) [See also Plate 37, Figs. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6.] Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. odontocarpa F.v.M.

  • 1a. Twig with young buds; 1b, the same enlarged; 1c, twig with fruits. Sturt's Creek, Northern-Territory (Mueller). From a drawing of the type at Kew, made by Miss M. Smith.
  • 2. Broad, young leaf, as young as I have seen it. Desert south of Fitzroy River, West Kimberleys, North-West Australia (W. V. Fitzgerald, September, 1906).
  • 3a. Front and back views of anthers; 3b, twig with fruits in various stages of maturity. Tanami Gold-field, Northern Territory (Dr. H. I. Jensen, through C. E. F. Allen).
  • NOTE.—Tanami is a gold-field, and not a tin-field, as inadvertently so recorded in this work in Part XXXVII, p. 186 (under E. aspera) and Part XXXVIII, p. 212 (under E. sctosa).

E. capitellata Sm.

  • 4a. Orbicular juvenile leaf in the earliest stage; 4b, juvenile leaf a little further advanced; 4b, juvenile leaf still further advanced, with the venation modified; 4d, mature leaf. Corner of the Pittwater and Spit roads, Port Jackson (W. F. Blakely and D. W. C. Shiress).
  • This species is also figured in Part VIII, Plate 37, figures 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7.

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Plate 187.

Plate 187: EUCALYPTUS CAMFIELDI Maiden (1-4) [See also Fig. 4, Plate 37.] EUCALYPTUS BLAXLANDI Maiden and Cambage (5) [See also Fig 3, Plate 38.] EUCALYPTUS NORMANTONENSIS Maiden and Cambage. (6,7) Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. Camfieldi Maiden.

  • 1a. Juvenile leaves in the orbicular state; 1b, juvenile leaves, a stage more advanced, becoming pointed at the apex; 1c, a juvenile leaf of a larger size, entirely covered with stellate hairs, but more thickly at the back; a portion of the leaf is enlarged to show the thick marginal vein and the stellate hairs; 1d, mature leaf, thick and very shiny; 1c, umbel of buds, nine in the head; 1f, front and back view of anther; 1g, fruits. West side of Berowra Creek, Hornsby, near Sydney (W. F. Blakely).
  • 2. Intermediate leaf, on a twig bearing juvenile leaves. About half a mile south from the 17-mile post, Galston road, Hornsby (W. F. Blakely).
  • 3a. Twig with fruits having exserted valves; 3b, immature fruits. Woronora River, Heathcote, a little south of Botany Bay (J. L. Boorman and J.H.M.).
  • 4a. Front and back views of anthers; 4b, fruits so compressed as to be almost syncarpous. Waterfall, a few miles south of Sydney (R. H. Cambage, No. 4,169).
  • The juvenile leaves figured at fig. 4, Plate 37, belong to this species.

E. Blaxlandi Maiden and Cambage.

  • 5. A mature leaf, Blackheath, N.S.W. (J.H.M.). From the type, which is further figured as regards juvenile leaves, buds and fruits at Plate 38, figs. 3a–3c.

E. Normantonensis Maiden and Cambage.

  • 6a. Intermediate leaf; 6b, buds; 6c, front and back views of anthers. Normanton, Queensland. (Ivie Murchie).
  • 7a. Juvenile leaf, as young as I have seen one; 7b, mature leaf; 7c, fruits; 7d, plan of the fruit. Normanton (R. H. Cambage, No. 3930). The type.