Plate 188.

Plate 188: EUCALYPTUS TETRAGONA F.v.M. [See also Plate 189.] Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. tetragona F.v.M.

  • A. (Lanceolate-leaved series, with rather long petioles. It is not possible to make a sharp line of demarcation, as the leaves are transitional from lanceolate to ovate, but there is a certain amount of convenience in the grouping.)
  • 1a, 1b. Juvenile leaves, from the original plate of Eudesmia tetragona R.Br. in Appendix to Flinders' Voyage, ii, 599, t. 3.
  • 2. Buds, from shrub of 15 feet, Murchison River. (Augustus Oldfield.)
  • 3a. Leaf and fruits; 3b, fruit, end on. Drummond's No. 69.
  • 4a. Buds; 4b, leaf with fruits; 4c, fruit, as ripe as is available; 4d, fruit, end on. Esperance Bay (Correspondent of Mueller). This is the “tiansit to E. eudesmioides,” of Mueller, and is the specimen referred to by Mueller at p. 168, and by Diels and Pritzel at p. 168. The fruits are not quite ripe, and therefore imperfectly ribbed; this, I think, has contributed to the confusion concerning this specimen.
  • B. (Ovate-leaved series, with rather short petioles.)
  • 5. Juvenile leaves, showing stellate-hairs. Kalgan Plains, near Mount Stirling Range. (J.H.M.)
  • 6a. Apparently mature leaf; 6b, buds; 6c, front and back views of anther; 6d, flower in elevation; 6e, flower in plan, showing four bundles of stamens. Esperance. (J.H.M.)
  • 7. Leaves and buds. (Drummond's 4th Collection, No. 75.) (See also Plate 189.)