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Plate 189.

Plate 189: EUCALYPTUS TETRAGONA F.v.M. (1,2) [See also Plate 188.] EUCALYPTUS EUDESMIOIDES F.v.M. (3-5) EUCALYPTUS EBANOENSIS Maiden n.sp. (6,7) Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. tetragona F.v.M. (concluded).

  • 1a. Leaf and fruit; 1b, fruit. (Drummond's 4th Collection, No. 78.)
  • 2a. Fruits; 2b, fruit, end on. Stirling Range (Louis Dillon). These are the largest fruits I have seen in the species.

E. eudesmioides F.v.M.

  • 3a. Juvenile leaves (not in the earliest stage); 3b, buds; 3c, mature leaf and flowers; 3d, enlarged flower, in elevation; 3e, three views of anther; 3f, fruits.
  • In considering 3d, which is enlarged, it will be observed that the top of the calyx-tube has not the sunk appearance which is observable in the fruit. The explanation is that the calyx-tube increases in length as ripening proceeds, but the disc remains stationary. The calyx-teeth eventually become absorbed or dry up and break off. I have seen one of these four teeth alone remaining on the fruit. From Mount Curious, Murchison River (Augustus Oldfield). The type.
  • 4. Fruits, more angled than usual. Mingenew. (W. V. Fitzgerald.)
  • 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d, 5e. Various stages of juvenile leaves, 5a being in the earliest stage, while 5e is most mature, but not as mature as 3c. All from Mingenew. (J.H.M.) Mingenew is on the Midland Railway Line (Perth to Geraldton), and is 227 miles north of Perth.
  • E. Ebbanoensis n.sp.
  • 6a. Mature leaf; 6b, flowers; 6c, fruits. Sand Plain, Ebbano, east from Mingenew. (Dr. A. Morrison.) The type.
  • 7a. Mature leaf and buds; 7b, three views of anther; 7c, fruits. Comet Vale, 63 miles north of Kalgoorlie. (J. T. Jutson.)