So far as I know, this species is confined to New South Wales and Queensland, but we have much to learn in regard to its range in these, and possibly in other States. It is represented by the following specimens in the National Herbarium, Sydney. The localities quoted are all in the northern half of New South Wales, extending just into Queensland, the two quoted from that State marching with the northern New South Wales localities.

New South Wales.

Mount Boppy (J. L. Boorman, August, 1903). Four and a half miles from Coolabah Railway Station on the way to the old Experiment Farm (J. L. Boorman and J.H.M.). “Mallee Box,” Moondana, Parish Flinders, Nymagee district (Forest Guard E. F. Rogers).

Gilgandra (R. H. Cambage No. 1135, with photo. of a clump of saplings, already quoted). Large shrub or small tree, Dubbo–Gilgandra road, 18 miles from Dubbo (W. Forsyth, No. 2). “Narrow-leaved Box,” Coonamble (E. Taylor).

Castlereagh River (Rev. Dr. Woolls), labelled E. largiflorens by Mueller. “Narrow-leaved Box,” on the plains near Baradine (W. Forsyth, No. 5).

Very common in the Pilliga Scrub, as the following specimens will show:—

Box, slaty smooth bark on branches. Forest Reserve 1,263, Parish Leard, County Nandewar; 45 feet high, girth 54 inches (Forest Guard M. H. Simon). “Narrow-leaved Box.” Bark greyish in colour and rough on trunk, smooth on limbs and of darkish colour. Height 60 feet, diameter 3 to 4 feet. Wee Waa (Forest, Guard T. W. Taylor, No. 14). “White Box,” near Old Wongan Station, Dubbo Creek area (Dr. H. I. Jensen, No. 56). “Gum-topped White Box.” Cuttabri (J. L. Boorman, Dr. H. I. Jensen, Nos. 2, 19). “Narrow-leaved Box.” A tree of 60 feet, fairly straight, Parish Kenebri, County White, Pilliga (E. H. F. Swain, No. 40). A Box, girth 7 feet, Pilliga (E. H. F. Swain, No. 29).

Narrabri, November, 1899 (J.H.M.). The narrow suckered tree defined by me as E. odorata var. Woollsiana. Type of E. Pilligaensis.

“A Box growing on flats, black soil plains, by side of river, medium-sized trees.” Narrabri West (J. L. Boorman). “Narrow-leaved Box. Bark whitish-grey, like that of E. hemiphloia, and persistent as in that species, on the trunk and main branches. I also saw it growing in the Forbes district.” Narrabri (Henry Deane). (I have not seen the Forbes specimens—J.H.M.)

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“Narrow-leaved Box.” Moree (W. S. Campbell). In flower only, and at one time considered by me to be E. odorata.

“Apple,” Bingara (E. H. F. Swain, No. 11). “Mallee Box,” Yagobie, between Gwydir and MacIntyre Rivers (E. H. F. Swain, No. 8).

Dark flaky bark. Denman, the most southerly locality known, at all events in the coastal districts (W. Heron, No. 24).