Explanation of Plates (192–195).

Plate 192.

Plate 192: EUCALYPTUS LASERONI R. T. Baker (1-3). EUCALYPTUS de BEUZEVILLEI Maiden (4). EUCALYPTUS MITCHELLI Cambage (5). Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. Laseroni R. T. Baker.

  • 1a. Juvenile leaf; 1b, mature leaf; 1c, head of buds (fourteen); 1d, head of fruits, almost sessile. Black Mountain near Guyra, N.S.W. (C. F. Laseron.) The type.
  • 2. Mature buds and flowers. Summit of Ben Lomond, near Glen Innes, N.S.W. (William Dunn.)
  • 3. Front and back views of anther. 19 miles from Tingha, on the Guyra road, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman and J.H.M.)

E. de Beuzevillei Maiden.

  • 4a. Juvenile leaf; 4b, intermediate leaf; 4c, mature leaf; 4d, buds (note the ribs); 4e, front and back views of anther; 4f, fruits (note the ribs). Jounama Peaks, County Buccleuch, N.S.W. (W. A. W. de Beuzeville.) The type.

E. Mitchelli Cambage.

  • 5a. Buds; 5b, anther; 5c, pendent fruiting twig. Juvenile leaves not available. Mount Buffalo, Victoria, around the Chalet. (R. H. Cambage.) The type.

Plate 193.

Plate 193: EUCALYPTUS BROWNII Maiden and Cambage (1). EUCALYPTUS CAMBAGEANA Maiden (2). EUCALYPTUS MINIATA A. Cunn (3) [See also Plates 95 and 96.] Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. Brownii Maiden and Cambage.

  • 1a. Juvenile leaf; 1b, mature leaf, the venation scarcely visible; 1c, short panicle showing buds and flowers; 1d, front and back views of anther; 1e, mature fruits (observe the rims). Reid River, via Townsville, Queensland. (Nicholas Daley.) The type.

E. Cambageana Maiden.

  • 2a. Juvenile leaf; 2b, leaf a little further advanced; 2c, mature leaf; 2d, buds and flowers; 2e, front and back views of anther; 2f, mature fruits. Mirtna Station, Charters Towers, Northern Queensland. (Miss Zara Clark.) The type.

E. miniata A. Cunn.

  • 3. Juvenile leaves, almost in the opposite stage. They have not previously been figured in this stage. See Part XXII, Plates 95 and 96, where figures of this species are given. The figures on Plate 95 are in the intermediate stage and come nearest to the juvenile leaves at present figured, and which are described at p. 198 of the present Part. Stapleton, near Darwin, Northern Territory. (Gerald F. Hill.)

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Plate 194.

Plate 194: EUCALYPTUS WOOLLSIANA R. T. Baker. (A composite species, mainly consisting of E. odorata Behr and Schlecht. The drawings are all by Mr. Baker, or vouched for him, except No. 4). Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. Woollsiana R. T. Baker.

The figures on this Plate are taken from three different sources, all certified to by Mr. Baker as E. Woollsiana. They are:—

A. Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S.W., xxv, 684, Plate XLIII (1900). This is the type.

(E. Woollsiana is mixed material in which E. odorata predominates. As this has been discussed at pp. 199 to 201, the facts will not be repeated here.)

Mr. Baker gives no particulars as to the locality of the specimen figured as his type. In Plate 194, 1a, is a reproduction of fig. 1 of Mr. Baker's drawing of the type. It is a broadish, mature leaf. 1b, mature leaf and pointed buds. Reproduction of fig. 2 of type. (This drawing is modified by the statement at p. 132 of the “Research,” “Operculum often more obtuse than shown in the Plate.”) 1c, twig with mature leaves, flowers, and immature fruit. Reproduction of fig. 3 of type. 1d, mature fruits. Reproduction of fig. 8 of type.

B. “Research on the Eucalypts,” Baker and Smith (1902).

In the Plate of E. Woollsiana in that work Messrs. Baker and Smith added 2a (Plate 194), which is a reproduction of fig. 1 of the “Research” Plate; 2b, 2c, which are broadish intermediate leaves, reproductions of Nos. 6 and 7 of the “Research” Plate.; 2d, a very long, narrowish, mature leaf, a reproduction of No. 5 of the “Research” Plate.

C. “Forest Flora of South Australia,” J. Ednie Brown, Plate 29. The figure of E. odorata in that work is in Proc. Roy. Soc. S.A., xl, 479 (1916), attributed by Mr. Baker to E. Woollsiana.

  • 3a. Flowering twig; 3b, fruits (both reproduced from J. E. Brown's Plate); 4, anther, E. odorata. Murray Bridge, South Australia. (R. H. Cambage and J.H.M.)

Plate 195.

Plate 195: EUCALYPTUS PILLIGAENSIS Maiden (1, 2). EUCALYPTUS PENRITHENSIS Maiden (3), which = E. Marsdeni C. Hall (4). EUCALYPTUS MICRANTHERA F.v.M. (5) [See also Plate 88.]Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. Pilligaensis Maiden.

  • 1a. Juvenile leaves; 1b, mature leaves and immature buds; 1c, fruits. Narrabri, N.S.W. (J. H. Maiden.) The type.
  • 2a. Twig with almost ripe buds; 2b, anther. Bingara, N.S.W. (E. H. F. Swain.)

E. Penrithensis Maiden.

(Of which E. Marsdeni C. Hall is a synonym.)

  • 3a. Intermediate leaf; 3b, mature leaf; 3c, buds; 3d, front and back views of anther; 3e, fruits. Two miles east of Penrith, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman and J.H.M.) The type of E. Penrithensis.
  • 4a. Mature leaf; 4b, buds; 4c, front and back views of anther; 4d, fruits. Toongabbie, near Parramatta, N.S.W. (Cuthbert Hall.) This is the type of E. Marsdeni C. Hall, which, in my view, is identical with E. Penrithensis.

E. micranthera F.v.M.

(See also Part XX, Plate 88.) In the former Plate the fruit is not given, as it was then unknown.

  • 5a. Buds; 5b, fruits. Alexander River, Western Australia. (H. P. Turnbull.)