Plate 192.

Plate 192: EUCALYPTUS LASERONI R. T. Baker (1-3). EUCALYPTUS de BEUZEVILLEI Maiden (4). EUCALYPTUS MITCHELLI Cambage (5). Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. Laseroni R. T. Baker.

  • 1a. Juvenile leaf; 1b, mature leaf; 1c, head of buds (fourteen); 1d, head of fruits, almost sessile. Black Mountain near Guyra, N.S.W. (C. F. Laseron.) The type.
  • 2. Mature buds and flowers. Summit of Ben Lomond, near Glen Innes, N.S.W. (William Dunn.)
  • 3. Front and back views of anther. 19 miles from Tingha, on the Guyra road, N.S.W. (J. L. Boorman and J.H.M.)

E. de Beuzevillei Maiden.

  • 4a. Juvenile leaf; 4b, intermediate leaf; 4c, mature leaf; 4d, buds (note the ribs); 4e, front and back views of anther; 4f, fruits (note the ribs). Jounama Peaks, County Buccleuch, N.S.W. (W. A. W. de Beuzeville.) The type.

E. Mitchelli Cambage.

  • 5a. Buds; 5b, anther; 5c, pendent fruiting twig. Juvenile leaves not available. Mount Buffalo, Victoria, around the Chalet. (R. H. Cambage.) The type.