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I. E. pilularis Sm.

FOLLOWING is the original description of a variety:—

E. pilularis Sm., var. pyriformis Maiden, in Journ. Roy. Soc., N.S.W., xlvii 94 (1913).

Bucca Creek, near Coff's Harbour, New South Wales. (A. H. Lawrence, J. L. Boorman.) Type, J. L. Boorman, June, 1911.

A tall, sound “Blackbutt,” 4 to 7 feet in diameter, bark ribbony up to beyond the third or fourth branches. Bark on the butt similar to that of the normal species. Branchlets often glaucous and double opercula common.

Fruit large, often pyriform, commonly 1·5 cm. long, 1 cm. broad in the dried state.

Since the above was published I have obtained the following additional particulars from Mr. Boorman:—“Tall trees of 60–80 feet. Timber straight in the grain. On the hills away from Bucca Creek on the Woolgoolga road near Coff's Harbour. Only a few trees in the district.”

At one time I thought this might be a species distinct from E. pilularis. It differs from the normal species in the size and shape of the fruits. I have, however, since obtained some fruits which are nearly as globular as those of normal E. pilularis. The glaucous branches in the variety seem different. The juvenile leaves of both forms seem to be the same. It is certainly an interesting variety.

For a reference to aboriginal names of normal E. pilularis see Part I, p. 27, also a paper by me in Agricultural Gazette, N.S.W., October, 1903, p. 989.