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CCXXXV. E. conica Deane and Maiden.

In Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S.W., xxiv, 612 (1899), with a Plate.

THE description will be found at p. 123, Part XIII, of the present work, and figures at Plate 60. It is also figured at Plate 219, Part LVIII of my “Forest Flora of New South Wales.”


E. Baueriana Schauer var. conica Maiden, in this work, p. 123, Part XIII.

In certain cases (of which this is one), it is a matter of honest opinion as to whether a plant may be looked upon as a variety of a certain species or not. It is a geminate species with E. Baueriana, and I think that convenience will be better served by looking upon E. conica as distinct.


It is confined to New South Wales and Queensland so far as we know, and many localities are cited at p. 124, Part XIII of the present work. The following are additional:—


“Large fuzzy Box-trees, 40–60 feet. It grows in a low moist place, subject to occasional floods.” Yalgogrin (J. L. Boorman).

“A White Box. Has a rough white bark almost to tips of limbs; practically no bole; of a spreading and gnarled appearance, and useless.” Cumbijowa State Forest, 12 miles east of Forbes (Forest Guard K. Walker).

“Like Peppermint, 24 inches diameter, 30 feet high. Rough grey bark, clean at tips of branches; growing on high country.” (Harvey Range State Forest.)

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“Yamble Box.” Near Yamble, via Mudgee (A. Murphy).

Near Tingha (Gordon Burrow; I have not specimens, but do not dispute the record).

“White Peppermint. A huge tree, in appearance like E. Stuartiana; a rough white bark. Parish Nangarah, County Darling, near Barraba (W. A. W. de Beuzeville).

“Fairly large tree, branches somewhat pendulous. Rough and fibrous bark on trunk and large branches, clean upper branches. Growing on alluvial flats at Arrarownie, head of Bohena Creek, Pilliga Scrub, 35 miles south of Narrabri (Forest Guard T. W. Taylor, No. 82). “A White Box, rather smooth white bark.” Baradine and Bohena Creeks, Pilliga Scrub (W. A. W. de Beuzeville). “Bastard Box,” Baradine district (Dr. H. I. Jensen, No. 75). “Box, rough bark to top. 40 feet high, 40 inches in girth.” Parish Bomera, County Pottinger (Forest Guard M. H. Simon). “Narrow blue-leaf Box. 60 feet high, branching low.” Pilliga (E. H. F. Swain); Pilliga Forest (Gordon Burrow).


Stanthorpe (J. L. Boorman); Warwick (Dr. J. Shirley); “Box,” Gowrie, Little Plain (W. F. Gray).