Explanation of Plates (172–5).

Plate 172.

Plate 172: EUCALYPTUS EXIMIA Schauer. [See also Plate 173.] Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. eximia Schauer.

  • 1a. Peltate juvenile leaf, with curved venation; 1b, peltate juvenile leaf, the venation advanced a stage towards the pinnate; 1c, intermediate leaf, the venation still further advanced, but not yet completely pinnate, as the mature leaf depicted at fig. 1, Plate 173. Glenbrook, Blue Mountains, N.S.W. (J.H.M.)
  • 2. Broad, short, intermediate leaf, not in the juvenile stage. Note the glandular appearance of the young shoots. Springwood, Blue Mountains. (J. L. Boorman.)
  • 3a. Elongated petiolate juvenile leaf; 3b, 3c, 3d, different shapes and sizes of juvenile leaves, all with auriculate bases. 3d is almost hastate in shape. The secondary veins of 3c and 3d at a smaller angle to the midrib than those of 3a and 3b. These specimens are accompanied, at the lower parts of the branchlets, by small, early leaves, arrested in their growth, similar in shape, and only differing from the other leaves in size. These remarks apply to other species also. Hornsby Valley, Galston Road, Sydney district. (W. F. Blakely.)
  • 4. Buds showing shrinking of the calyx-tube in drying and thus the operculum takes on a mushroom shape. Cultivated plant, Inner Domain, Sydney. (J.H.M.)

Compare E. Watsoniana, fig. 1b, Plate 174.

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  • 5. Buds, with ridges on calyx-tube. Grose River, N.S.W. (George Caley, September, 1804.) (From the British Museum.)
  • 6a. Buds with the ordinary conical opercula; 6b, buds with opercula almost hemispherical; 6c, back and front views of anther. Berowra to Peat's Ferry, Hawkesbury River. (J.H.M. October, 1895.)
  • 7. Fruits, scarcely urceolate in shape. Woy Woy, Hawkesbury River. (A. Murphy.)
  • 8. Fruits unusually urceolate in shape. Badgery's Crossing to Nowra, Shoalhaven River. (W. Forsyth and A. A. Hamilton.) From same tree as fig. 1, Plate 173.

Plate 173.

Plate 173: EUCALYPTUS EXIMIA Schauer. (1) [See also Plate 172.] E. PELTATA F.v.M. (2) E. WATSONIANA F.v.M. (3-5) [See also Plate 174.] Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. eximia Schauer. (See also Plate 172.)

  • 1. Rather long, mature leaf. Badgery's Crossing to Nowra, Shoalhaven River, N.S.W. (W. Forsyth and A. A. Hamilton.)

E. peltata Benth.

  • 2a. Juvenile leaf, nearly orbicular, peltate; 2b, juvenile leaf, a stage further advanced, broadly lanceolate, peltate, venation making a smaller angle with the midrib; 2c, mature leaf, of the ordinary lanceolate shape (Mueller never saw mature leaves of his own species,—see “Eucalyptographia” plate); 2d, umbel of young buds, with bracteoles still attached; 2e, buds; 2f, buds, further advanced, and with conoid opercula; 2g, front and back views of anther. Alma-den, Northern Queensland. (R. H. Cambage, No. 3884.)

E. Watsoniana F.v.M. (See also Plate 174.)

  • 3a. Portion of mature leaf; 3b, bud; 3c, front and back views of anthers; 3d, fruit. Wigton Creek. Queensland. (T. Wentworth Watson.) From a portion of the type in the Melbourne Herbarium, Note that the bud is more wrinkled than that collected from a cultivated tree in the Botanic Gardens, Sydney (see figs. 5a, Plate 173, and 1, Plate 174.)
  • 4. A comparatively long, narrow, mature leaf with long petiole. Parish of Boondooma, Queensland. (S. J. Higgins, through C. T. White.)
  • 5. Buds; note their nearly flat tops, and absence of wrinkles; 5b, youngish fruit, also free from wrinkles; drawn from fresh specimens in the Botanic Gardens, Sydney, raised from a seed obtained from the type.

Plate 174.

Plate 174: EUCALYPTUS WATSONIANA F.v.M. (1) [See also Plate 173.] E. TRACHYPHLOIA F.v.M. (2-7) Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. Watsoniana F.v.M. (See also Plate 173.)

  • 1a. Mature leaf; 1b, buds. This shrinking of the calyx-tube and ribbing, owing to the vascular bundles standing out, together with the “overhanging” appearance of the operculum, is seen also in E. eximia (fig. 4, Plate 172), and in some other species. It is the effect of drying. Cultivated in Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

E. trachyphloia F.v.M.

  • 2a. Small juvenile leaf, peltate; 2b, juvenile leaf, a stage further advanced; 2c, fruits. Arrarownie, Borah Creek, Pilliga Scrub, N.S.W. (H. I. Jensen, No. 152.)
  • 3. Mature leaf. Pilliga Scrub. (E. H. F. Swain.)
  • 4. Narrow mature leaf. Coolabah, N.S.W. (W. W. Froggatt.)
  • 5. Intermediate or nearly mature leaf. South Queensland. (Forest Inspector J. Board.)

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  • 6a, 6b, Juvenile leaves, not in the earliest stage; 6c, mature leaf; 6d, twig with buds; 6e, front and back views of anther; 6f, fruits. Bundaberg, Queensland. (J.H.M.) N.B.—This is the type locality of the species.
  • 7a. Juvenile leaf in an early, though not the earliest stage; 7b, the same, but a little further advanced. Note the glandular hairs round the edges of these two leaves. 7c, intermediate leaf; 7d, fruits. N.B.—The mature leaves from Bathurst Island are so similar to that of fig. 3 of the present plate that they have not been depicted. Bathurst Island, Northern Territory. (G. F. Hill No. 465.) It is to be observed that the Bathurst Island foliage in its younger stages is coarser than any that has so far been recorded from the mainland.

Plate 175.

Plate 175: EUCALYPTUS HYBRIDA Maiden. (1,2) E. KRUSEANA F.v.M. (3,4) E. DAWSONI R. T. Baker. (5-8) [See also Plate 58, figs. 4, 9-11.] Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

E. hybrida Maiden.

  • 1a. Mature leaf (juvenile leaf not available); 1b, buds; 1c, views of two anthers; 1d, 1e, fruits in two stages, i.e., the less advanced showing a rim. Concord, near Sydney. (R. H. Cambage, J. L. Boorman, J.H.M.) The type.
  • 2a, 2b, Mature leaves; 2c, buds; 2d, views of two anthers. Milson Island, Hawkesbury River. (Dr. J. B. Cleland.)

E. Kruseana F.v.M.

  • 3a. Twig bearing fruits; 3b, different views of anthers; 3c, flowers; 3d, a solitary bud (all on the specimen) and a fruit. 100 miles north of Israelite Bay, W.A. (J. D. Batt.) The type.
  • 4a. A leafy shoot, some of the leaves younger than those depicted at 3a; 4b, buds; 4c, fruits. 50–100 miles east of Kalgoorlie (Transcontinental Railway Survey), W.A. (Henry Deane.) Type of E. Morrisoni Maiden.

E. Dawsoni R. T. Baker.

  • 5. Buds of the type as depicted in Vol. XXIV, Plate XXI, Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S.W.
  • 6a. Juvenile leaf; 6b, three views of anthers; 8a, fruits; 8b, the same, end on. Denman, N.S.W. (R. H. Cambage No. 2711.)
  • 7a. A flower; 7b, the deciduous collar or staminal ring referred to at p. 57. Cobborah, N.S.W. (District Forester Marriott.)