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This book is so much more true to the life which it is intended to depict than most of those which profess to be “founded upon fact,” that I only apply to it such a designation, faute de mieux.

All Australian capital cities are infested with criminal secret societies, called “pushes,” whose members murder and commit lesser felonies, for the most part with impunity, terrorize both police and private citizens with whom they come in conflict, ana play a not unimportant part in the political arena of the community, exactly in the manner I have related.

The “Dogs' Push,” about which this book is principally concerned, is a typical organization which, under another name, is actually in existence. In describing it, I have faithfully portrayed the constitution, habits, projects, ambition, and the nefarious

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procedure of all the more important and notorious pushes of Australia, and I have been at pains therein to refrain from the least exaggeration

For the rest, my principal characters are drawn from life, and the principal incidents of the narrative positively occurred.

Those who, after perusal of these pages, are curious to learn more authoritatively of the secret murder clubs of Australia, I beg to refer to my article, “Push Larrikinism in Australia,” published in the July number of “Blackwooa's Magazine.”


23rd November, 1901.

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