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To Sir F. I. Hartwell, Kt.

One of the Honourable the Commissioners of his Majesty's Navy.


IN dedicating the following Narrative to you, I am aware that I shall be suspected of a great share of personal vanity; and, perhaps, in this instance, not of more than I really possess: for to be honoured with

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your friendship may well be a source of pride to the most humble.

To you, Sir, I feel it necessary to account of the barrenness of professional information, which may be remarked in this Narrative. The Calcutta's voyage, though comprising the circumnavigation of the globe, was never intended to be a voyage of discovery; and from the undeviating route which she pursued, it was particularly barren of events which could lead to scientific observations: indeed, this track has, of late years,

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been so often traversed by the ablest navigators and men of science, that the most attentive diligence can scarcely glean any thing that has not already been the subject of investigation. In appearing before the Public under these disadvantages, I am at least certain of deriving one very high gratification, that of gratefully acknowledging the continued kindness I have received from you, Sir, since I first launched upon the world's wide waves; and should it ever be my good fortune to be engaged in any future project of discovery,

  ― viii ―
I trust I shall, at least, have a just claim to diligence and perseverance.

I have the honour to be,


 Your faithful and

   obliged humble Servant,

    J. H. TUCKEY.

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