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June Roses

ORED Rose of June,
Like a lingering ember
From fires of December
Rekindled for boon,
When a wild afternoon
Like a grey ghost goes gliding
And creeping and hiding
From a sorrowful moon—
A reproachful white moon!

O Red Rose of pain,
Like the last spark that flashes
From smouldering ashes
Of love on the wane!
Thro' the pitiless rain,
And the wind's wistful sobbing
A dead march is throbbing
Again and again,
And for ever again.

O Red Rose new born,
Like a scimitar flaming
And flashing and shaming
Life's fear and its scorn,
Levin love-lilt new torn
From storm-torrents sweeping
From fountain heads leaping
From lips of the morn—
Of Hope's evergreen morn!

Rekindled for boon,
When the genii of sorrows
Of all the to-morrows
Combine and commune
In a wild rebel rune,
Bright symbol and token!—
Full foreword fain spoken!—
O Red Rose of June!—
Brave Red Rose of June!