― 91 ―

Castle Wonderful

I BUILT me Castle Wonderful
All in the morning gold;
Its battlements leaped high and white,
Its turrets sprang through misty light
To break the eagle's wheeling flight,
Above the peak's blue fold;
Oh, it was Castle Wonderful,
My own, my Castle Wonderful,
All in the morning gold!

Above my Castle Wonderful
Was never sun or moon,
But that clear light that dares to beat
Upon God's very judgment seat,
That knows nor cold nor any heat
Of stars that swirl or swoon;
Yea, over Castle Wonderful,
My own, my Castle Wonderful,
Rose never sun or moon.

Into my Castle Wonderful
Grief entered not, or Wrong;
The days ran out in singing sands
That trickled through seraphic hands
To weave the super-human strands
Of sempiternal song;
Nay, into Castle Wonderful,
My own, my Castle Wonderful,
Came never Grief or Wrong.

All out from Castle Wonderful
The flinty roads of gray
Went winding east and winding west,
By singing vale and purple crest,

  ― 92 ―
In opal robes of sunset drest;
Into the far away
Ran out from Castle Wonderful,
My stately Castle Wonderful,
The flinty roads of gray.

All into Castle Wonderful
In royal raiment came,
Through gates of amethyst ajar,
From lands beyond the morning star,
Such men as fared with Balthasar
To praise a holy name,
All into Castle Wonderful,
My own, my Castle Wonderful,
From all the world they came.

Came into Castle Wonderful
Such wealth as gods devise,
Rich tapestries of purpose wrought
On empyreal looms of thought,
Such spoils as are not sold or bought
For ransom or for prize;
Came into Castle Wonderful,
My waiting Castle Wonderful,
Such wealth as gods devise.

Alas, my Castle Wonderful
That was so fair to see,
Upon its towers the gray moss creeps,
Upon its walls the lizard sleeps,
Within its courts the white owl keeps
A lonely watch with me!
Ah, me, my Castle Wonderful,
My ruined Castle Wonderful,
That was so fair to see!