― 41 ―

The Degeneration of Jim

Once he was a decent chap,
We called ’im “Lanky Jim,”
There wasn’t many coves abart
Was liked as well as ’im.
But now he’s gone and altered,
And it makes us fit to weep;
’E never looks at no one now
Since ’e pulled off the sweep.

When we heard ’e’d drawed that ’oss
All the blokes was glad,
Now the way ’e’s wastin’ of it
Makes us all feel mad.
Sixty hundred golden quids
Coming in a heap!
We thought we’d all be bloomin’ toffs
When Jimmy won the sweep.

  ― 42 ―
Once ’e drove a cart and called
For bottles at the pubs.
Drives a bran’-new sulky now,
With nickel-plated ’ubs.
Never comes to see his pals
Or ask ’em if they’re dry;
If ’e sees a bottle man
’E passes of ’im by.

He’s moved away from Wexford-street,
He’s livin’ out of town;
Won’t let no one call ’im “Jim,”
Says ’e’s “Mister Brown.”
I arst ’im for a fiver,
But the bounder ’e said “No,”
And spoke abart a ’arf-a-quid
’E lent me years ago.

Takes a girl a-drivin’ out
To one place and another;
When ’e ain’t a-drivin’ ’er
E’s drivin’ of ’is mother.
Says he’s goin’ to see ’is mother
Made orlright for life;
Shouldn’t wonder if the beggar
Went and took a wife.

  ― 45 ―
Puts ’is money in the bank!
Buys ’is mother blouses!
Talks abart investin’ in
Some terrises of ’ouses!
For all the good ’e’s done to us
’E might ’ave been a sheep;
We’ve lost our old respect for Jim
Since ’e pulled off the sweep.