― 115 ―

Tim Turpin

Tim Turpin by trade was a saddler,
A nice little chap from his birth;
His height was five feet in his stockings,
And just about three feet his girth.

He feel deep in love with a maiden,
Both buxom and bonnie was she;
So, giving the reins to his passion,
He said, “Harness up dear with me.”

"For sad'll be my fate without you,
And hobbled the aims of my life;
Of joy I shall ne'er have the traces,
If you don't buckle to as my wife.”

The maid said, “Sir, single life bores me,
But just a bit hasty you are,
Just curb all this; bridle ambition,
For I can't till you ask my papa.”

  ― 116 ―
So the youth tried to whip up his courage,
The maiden's papa to assail;
And to stir-up his feeble invention,
He consulted his friend, Martin Gale.

Hope spurred him as far as her dwelling,
But he altered his tone at the door,
For her pa got a grip at his collar
And pummelled him, till he was sore.

He lifted Tim up by the breeching,
And with one of his number nine feet,
He fetched Tim a kick on the crupper,
That landed him into the street.