― 145 ―

The Stockman's Serenade

Gentle Jemima! hear me sing,
While sweetly you reposes, dear,
Of thoughts that makes my bosom ring,
And fills me up with woeses, dear.
The love that from my heart now pours,
Is all poured out for you, my dear;
If you'll be mine, as I am yours,
I'll stick to you like glue, my dear.

Day after day I minds the sheep,
As quietly they browses, dear,
Then scours the gullies, broad and deep,
While fetching home the cowses, dear.
And all day long, and through the night,
My heart is staunch and true, my dear;
And sheep and cowses, honour bright,
All makes me think of you, my dear.

  ― 146 ―
I pines, Jemima, oft when you
Are making of your cheeses, dear;
Or listening to the winds that blew
The limbs from off the treeses, dear.
Ah! tell me when the calves you tend,
So frolicsome and free, my dear,
If, when you get the beggars penned,
They makes you think of me, my dear.

I'm sitting on the stockyard gate,
The cold night wind is howling, dear;
I've got a cold, it's getting late,
The blooming dog is growling, dear.
I can't sit on the fence all night!
How obstinate you are, my dear!
I'd shout out loud but then I might
Disturb your dear papa, my dear.

Thank goodness! Here she comes at last!
What makes you bring a lanthorn, dear?
Geewillikins! she's coming fast;
You're like a blooming phantom, dear.
Is it? Yes! No! It is! It ain't!
What makes you come so quick, my dear?
If that's Jemima, I'm a saint!
It's someone with a stick, my dear.

  ― 147 ―
Jerusalem! I must vamoose,
I've riz your father's dander, dear;
But still, if you will be my goose,
I'll be your faithful gander, dear.
Oh! call away that horrid dog,
While I, your love, levants, my dear.
Great scott! While I'm stuck in a bog,
He's knawing at my pants, my dear.