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The Apple

Has a great enemy in a minute insect called the Cochineal, owing more, perhaps, to its being nearly of the same colour, than from any resemblance to the Spanish insect of that name. A gentleman who had eight trees that had for several years borne a delicious apple, had the mortification to find the whole of his trees at once infested by those insects in excessive number; after which they left off bearing, and after failing in many experiments to relieve them, he came unwillingly to the resolution of cutting down the trees. These insects are of a dark red, approaching to a purple, and combine in such numbers on the roots as well as branches, as to shew in protuberated clusters, exhibiting a downy whiteness on the surface. A gardener of the colony, who has attended a good deal to this matter, affirms that a weed called the Churnwort presents a perfect remedy to the disaster; with this weed, the roots, cleared of the earth, and the branches also, he advises to be thoroughly well rubbed.

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Victualling one Mess of five Men.

Beef.  Pork.  Flour.  Plumbs.  Pease.  Suet. 
Ps.  Ps.  lbs.  lbs.  quarts  lbs. 
Sunday  2½  ½  0½ 
Tuesday  ½  0½ 
Wednesday  2½  ½  0½ 
Friday  2½  ½  0½ 
Say 26 Weeks  78  78  325  52  78  52 

£  s d
78 Pieces of Beef, at £8 per 42 pieces, is  14  16 
78 do. do. Pork, at £9 per 53 do.  13  10 
325 lbs. Flour, at 
52 lbs. Plumbs, at  10 
78 quarts Pease, at 
52 lbs. Suet, at 
2½ Tons water butts at 60s.  10 
5)45  16 
Say a ship of 500 tons to carry 200 men  200 
£1831  13 
Say 500 tons freight at £6 out  3000 
£4831  13 

200 men at £4831 13s. 4d. is equal to £24 3s. 2d. per man.

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