Seat of Government, Sydney.

CAPTAIN General, Governor in Chief, Vice Admiral, and Commander of the Forces, His Excellency Lachlan Macquarie, Esq. Major General in the Army, and Lieutenant Colonel of the 73d Regiment.

Lieutenant Governor—James Erskine, Esq. Lieutenant Colonel of the 48th Regiment.

Aid-de-Camp to his Excellency the Governor, John Watts, Lieutenant in the 46th Regiment.

Major of Brigade—Henry Colden Antill, Captain in the 73d Regiment.

High Court of Appeals.

Judge—His Excellency the Governor in Chief.

Secretary—John Thomas Campbell, Esq.

  ― 430 ―

Clerk—Michael Robinson, Gent.

Door-keeper—Serjeant Charles Whalan, of the 46th Regiment.

Court of Vice Admiralty.

Judge—John Wylde, Esq. L. L. B.

Registrar—John Thomas Campbell, Esq.

Clerk to the Registrar—Mr. Michael Robinson.

Marshal—William Gore, Esq.

Cryer—Mr. Edward Quin.

The Governor's Court.

The Honorable the Judge Advocate and Premier Judge of this Territory—John Wylde, Esq. L. L. B.

Members—Two Inhabitants of the Territory, specially appointed by Precept from His Excellency the Governor and Commander of the Forces.

Clerk, and Registrar of the Court—Joshua J. Moore, Gent.

Cryer—Mr. Edward Quin.

And it is to be noted, that this Court has cognizance of all pleas, where the amount sued for does not exceed 501. sterling (except such pleas as may arise between party and party, in Van Diemen's Land); and from its decisions there is no appeal.

The Supreme Court.

The Honorable the Judge—Barron Field, Esq.

Members—Two Magistrates of the Territory, appointed by Precept from His Excellency the Governor.

Clerk of the Supreme Court—Mr. John Gurner.

Cryer—Mr. Edward Quin.

  ― 431 ―

Solicitors—Mr. Thomas Wylde; Mr. William Henry Moore; Mr. Frederick Garling; Mr. T. S. Amos.

Secretary's Office.

Secretary—John Thomas Campbell, Esq.

Principal Clerk Michael Robinson, Gent.

Second ditto—Mr. Charles Reid.

Assistant Clerks—Mr. James Sumpter; Mr. Thomas Ryan.

Commissariat Staff.

Deputy Commissary General—David Allan, Esq.

Assistant Commissary General—John Palmer, Esq. Parramatta;

Acting Assistant Commissary General—W. Broughton, Esq. Hobart Town;

Deputy Assistant Commissary General—P. G. Hogan, Esq.

Acting Ditto—Thomas Archer, Esq. Port Dalrymple.

Clerks on the Commissariat Staff—Mr. E. Hobson, Parramatta; Mr. A. Allan, Sydney; Mr. R. Fitzgerald, Windsor; Mr. George Johnston, Sydney.

Principal Assistant Clerk—Mr. T. W. Middleton.

Storekeepers—Mr. W. Scott, Sydney; Mr. S. Larken, Parramatta; Mr. John Tucker, Newcastle; Mr. R. Dry, Port Dalrymple; Mr. John Gowen, Liverpool; Mr. John Rayner, Hobart Town.

Assistant Clerks—Mr. John Flood, Mr. E. J. Yates, Mr. John Rickards, Mr. J. Hankinson, Mr. George Smith, Mr. C. Sommers, Mr. N. Edgworth, Mr. C. Bridges, Mr. W. Todhunter, Mr. Richard Walker, Mr. Todd Watson—at Sydney.

Mr. J. Obee, at Parramatta—Mr. B. Rix, at Windsor—Mr. W. Kitchener, Port Dal.—Mr. John Gregory, Hobart Town—Mr. W. Turner, Hobart Town.

  ― 432 ―

Messenger—Thomas Parsons.

Store Assistant—T. Jennings.

Cooper—Edward Hewen.

Provost Marshall's Department.

Provost Marshall—William Gore, Esq.

Clerk—Mr. Henry Hart;

Bailiff and Officer at Sydney—Mr. W. Evans;

Ditto at Windsor, &c.—Mr. Richard Ridge.

Church Establishment.

Principal Chaplain of the Territory—The Rev. Samuel Marsden, Parramatta;

Assistant Chaplain at Sydney—Rev. Wm. Cowper;

Assistant Chaplain at Windsor—Rev. Robert Cartwright;

Assistant Chaplain at Castlereagh—Rev. Henry Fulton;

Assistant Chaplain for Port Dalrymple, but now officiating at Liverpool—Rev. John Youl.

Assistant Chaplain appointed for Liverpool—Rev. Ben. Vale, returned to Europe on leave of absence.

Parish Clerk of St. Philip's, Sydney—Mr. Thomas Taber;

Ditto of St. John's, Parramatta—Mr. John Eyre;

Ditto of the Chapel at Windsor—Mr. Joseph Harpur.