The Principal Magistrate of the Territory, and Chairman of the Bench of Magistrates at Sydney—The Honorable the Judge Advocate.

Magistrates of the Territory and its Dependencies.

D'Arcy Wentworth, Esq.

John Thomas Campbell, Esquire.

  ― 433 ―

Magistrates of the various Settlements of the Territory.

At Sydney—W. Broughton, Esq. absent at Hobart Town; Simeon Lord, Esq. Richard Brooks, Esq.

Clerk to the Bench of Magistrates—Joshua John Moore, Gent.

Assistant Clerk—Mr. Ezekiel Wood.

At Parramatta—The Rev. Samuel Marsden; Hannibal M'Arthur, Esq.

At Windsor—William Cox, Esq.

At Wilberforce—Rev. Robert Cartwright;

At Castlereagh—James Mileham, Esq. Rev. Henry Fulton;

At Liverpool—Thomas Moore, Esq.

At Bringelly—Robert Lowe, Esq.

At Hobart Town—Rev. Robert Knopwood, A. M. A. W. H. Humphrey, Esq. James Gordon, Esq. Francis Williams, Esq. A. F. Kemp, Esq.

At Port Dalrymple—Brevet Major James Stewart, 46th Regiment; Thomas Archer, Esq.

Medical Staff.

Principal Surgeon—D'Arcy Wentworth, Esq.

First Assistant ditto—Mr. James Mileham, at Windsor.

Second ditto ditto—Mr. William Redfern, at Sydney;

Acting ditto ditto—Mr. Wm. Evans, at Newcastle;

Acting ditto ditto—Mr. Major West, at Parramatta;

Acting ditto ditto—Mr. R. W. Owen, at Sydney;

Acting ditto ditto at the Lunatic Asylum, Castle: Hill, Mr. Thomas Parmeter.

Assistant at General Hospital—Mr. Henry Cowper.

Surveyors of Crown Lands.

Surveyor General—John Oxley, Esq.

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Deputy Surveyor—Mr. James Meehan.

Ditto at Hobart Town—Mr. G. W. Evans.

Collector of Quit-Rents, Mr. James Meehan.

Naval Officer's Department.

Naval Officer—John Piper, Esq.

Assistant to the Naval Officer—Mr. Alfred Thrupp.

Wharfingers—Mr. William Hutchinson; Mr. James Stewart.

Acting Engineer, and Artillery Officer, and Inspector of Government Works—Captain John Gill, 46th Regiment.

Civil Architect—Mr. F. H. Greenway.

Barrack Master—Charles M'Intosh, Esq.

His Majesty's Dock Yard.

Master Boat Builder—Mr. William Cossar.

Book-keeper—Mr. John Fowler.

Harbour Master—Mr. Stephen Milton.


Of Government Stock—Mr. Rowland Hassall;

Assistant Superintendent of ditto—Mr. Sam. Hassall;

Of the Lunatic Asylum at Castle Hill—Mr. George Sutter;

Of Government Labourers and Cattle, and of Public Works at Windsor—Mr. Richard Fitzgerald;

Of Public Labourers, &c. at Sydney—Mr. William Hutchinson;

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Of Carpenters at Parramatta—Mr. Richard Rouse;

Of Bricklayers—Mr. Thomas Legg;

Of Government Mills—Mr. Abraham Hutchinson.

Principal Overseers of Government Stock, under the Orders of the Superintendent.

Mr. Thomas Arkell, and Mr. William Chalker.

Trustees and Commissioners of Turnpike Roads and Highways.

For the Roads from Sydney to Hawkesbury—D'Arcy Wentworth, Simeon Lord, and James Mileham, Esquires;

For the Roads to and from Liverpool, branching out at any of the above—Thomas Moore, Esq.

Inspector of Highways and Bridges—Mr. James Meehan.

Female Orphan Institution.

Patron—His Excellency the Governor.

Patronesses—Mrs. Macquarie; Mrs. Wylde; Mrs. Hannibal M'Arthur.