1. His Honor Lieutenant Governor Erskine, President. 2. The Honorable Mr. Judge Advocate Wylde;—3. J. T. Campbell, Esq.—4. D. Wentworth, Esq.—5. William Redfern, Esq.—6. H. M'Arthur, Esq.—7. The Rev. Wm. Cowper;—8. The Rev. Hen. Fulton;—9. Mr. Rowland Hassall.

Secretary and Treasurer of the Institution—John Thomas Campbell, Esq.


Masters of the Public Schools throughout the Territory.

At Sydney—Mr. Thomas Bowden;

At Liverpool—Mr. Robert Keeves;

At Parramatta—Mr. John Eyre;

At Windsor—Mr. Joseph Harpur;

At Richmond—Mr. Matthew Hughes;

At Kissing Point—Mr. James Cooper;

At Wilberforce—Mr. M. P. Thompson;

At Newcastle—Mr. H. Rainsforth.

Police Establishment at Sydney.

Committee of the Police Fund.

The Lieutenant Governor; the Judge Advocate.

Treasurer—D'Arcy Wentworth, Esq.

Superintendent of Police—D'Arcy Wentworth, Esq.

Assistant to the Superintendent—Mr. Robert Jones.

Principal Clerk in the Police Office…

Assistant Clerk—Mr. Ezekiel Wood.

Six District Constables, and 50 Constables in Ordinary;

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Chief Constable at Sydney—Mr. John Redman;

Ditto ditto at Parramatta—Mr. Francis Oakes;

Ditto ditto at Windsor—Mr. John Howe.

Keeper of the County Gaol at Sydney—Mr. John Jaques.

Clerk to ditto—George Jubb.

Coroner—Mr. J. W. Lewin.

Ditto for Windsor, and the Districts on the Banks of the Hawkesbury—Mr. Thomas Hobby.

Bank of New South Wales.

President—J. T. Campbell, Esq.

Directors—D'Arcy Wentworth, Esq.—John Harris, Esq.—Thomas Wylde, Esq.—William Redfern, Esq.—William Gore, Esq.—Robert Jenkins, Esq.

Secretary and Cashier—Mr. E. S. Hall.

Principal Accountant—Mr. R. Campbell, junior.

Printing Office.

Government Printer—Mr. George Howe.

Post Office.

Post Master—Mr. Isaac Nichols.

Deputy at Hobart Town—Mr. James Mitchell.

Licensed Auctioneers and Appraisers.

At Sydney—Mr. Simeon Lord; Mr. David Bevan.

At Parramatta—Mr. Richard Rouse; Mr. Francis Oakes.

At Windsor—Mr. John Howe.

Clerk of the Market at Sydney—Mr. Miles Fieldgate.

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Clerk of the Market and Fair at Parramatta—Mr. Francis Oakes.

N. B. These Fairs are held half-yearly; viz. the second Thursday in March, and the first Thursday in October.