Marine Establishment.

His Majesty's Colonial Cutter Mermaid, employed in surveying the Coast, Lieutenant Philip Parker King, R. N. Commander.

His Majesty's Colonial Brig Elizabeth Henrietta—Mr. Thomas Whyte, Master.

His Majesty's Colonial Brig Lady Nelson, at present undergoing repair—Mr. David Smith, Master.

Harbour Pilots.

At Port Jackson—Mr. Robert Mason; Mr. Robert Murray.

At Hunter's River—Robert Whitmore.


Commandant—Captain Wallis, of the 46th Regt.

Acting Assistant Surgeon—Mr. William Evans.

Store-keeper—Mr. John Tucker.

Civil Establishment at Hobart Town.

Lieutenant Governor of the Settlements on Van Diemen's Land—Lieutenant Colonel William Sorrell;

Deputy Judge Advocate—Edward Abbott, Esq.

Chaplain—Reverend R. Knopwood, A. M.

Surgeon—Mr. Edward Luttrell;

Assistant Surgeon—Mr. H. St. John Younge;

  ― 439 ―

Acting Assist. Commissary General—W. Broughton, Esq.

Provost Marshal—Mr. Martin Tims;

Surveyor of Lands—Mr. G. W. Evans;

Inspector of Public Works—Captain Nairn, 46th Regt.;

Naval Officer—Mr. John Beamont;

Store-keeper—Mr. Rayner;

Auctioneer—Mr. Richard Lewis;

Harbour Pilot—Mr. Michael Mansfield;

Two Superintendents, and two Overseers.

Magistrates at Hobart Town.

Reverend R. Knopwood, A. M; Acting Assistant Commissary General Broughton; James Gordon, Esq.; A. W. H. Humphrey, Esq.; Francis Williams, Esq.; A. F. Kemp, Esq.

The Lieutenant Governor's Court, Van Diemen's Land.

Deputy Judge Advocate—Edward Abbott, Esq.;

And two resident Inhabitants, appointed as Members by His Honor the Lieutenant Governor.

Clerk to the Deputy Judge Advocate—Mr. N. Ayres.

And it is by Charter provided, that the present and all future Governors, Lieutenant Governors, the Judge Advocate, Judge of the Supreme Court, and Deputy Judge Advocate, shall be Justices of the Peace throughout the Territory and its Dependencies; and all Places and Settlements therein, with all the Powers possessed by Justices of the Peace in England, within their respective Jurisdiction.

  ― 440 ―

Civil Establishment at Port Dalrymple.

Commandant—Brevet Major James Stewart, 46th Regt.

Assistant Chaplain, now doing duty at Head Quarters, Reverend John Youl;

Surgeon—Mr. Jacob Mountgarret;

Assistant Surgeon—Mr. John Smith;

Superintendent of the Government Herds—David Rose, Esq.

Inspector of Government Public Works—Mr. William Elliot Leith;

Store-keeper—Mr. R. Dry.

Harbour Master.

Master of the Public School—Mr. Thomas M'Queen;

Acting Master Carpenter—Mr. Richard Sydes.

Magistrates—Brevet Major James Stewart, 46th Regt. Thomas Archer, Esq.