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Federal Hymn

By the Rev. Professor Gosman, Victoria

(Read at the Convention

GREAT God of Nations, throned on high,
And yet to us for ever nigh,
The Federal cause be pleased to bless,
And crown the movement with success.

The pilgrim fathers, in their zeal
For freedom, and the Church's weal,
By persecution sorely pressed,
For refuge sought the distant West.

But no such persecuting fires
Drove from their home our pilgrim sires,
And we, their children, hope to rear
In time a greater Britain here.

The British flag floats o'er our land,
The British fleet our seas command,
The love of freedom in the race
Grows stronger here by ampler space.

The wealth of British thought is ours,
Its life through every channel pours
The mother-tongue in our discourse
Maintains its purity and force.

Then let the Federal spirit rise
To quicken all our energies,
The glorious mission to fulfil
By virtue of the people's will.

Great God of Nations, &c.

[Repeat the first verse.]

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