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  ― 188 ―

A Federal Sonnet

[Mr. Edmund Barton, Q.C., concluded his speech to the Convention on Friday by reading the following sonnet from the pen of Mr. P. J. Holdsworth.]

THUS rings our Judgment. Let the verdict stand
High as brave records fixed on topmost towers;
This realm whose growth reveals rare nascent powers,
Shall crown no liegemen, pledged, as Heaven's command
Proclaims "Unite," blood-brothers through the land,
But if strange ingrates, blind to gifts God showers,
Preach creeds of self, and scorn the hand that dowers,
We hold them traitors, recreants-born and banned,
With souls more shrivelled than a flame-struck brand.

Leagued love must dome this heritage of ours,
Lest Hate that stings, and Envy that devours,
Cloud our clear air, or taint our Austral strand.
"Anathema" be all but this decree:
In Union One — we claim One Destiny.

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