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Botanical description

— Genus, Alstonia, R.Br.

Calyx. — Without any or with minute glands.

Corolla-tube. — Cylindrical, more or less swollen round the anthers, the lobes spreading, contorted in the bud, the throat without scales.

Ovary. — Of two distinct carpels united by the style.

Stigma. — Ovoid or conical.

Ovules. — Numerous; in about four rows in each carpel.

Fruit. — Of two long linear follicles.

Seeds. — Oblong, compressed, peltately attached, bordered with hairs of which those of each end are usually very long; albumen scanty.

Trees or tall shrubs with a milky juice.

Leaves. — In whorls of three or more, or, in a few species, opposite.

Flowers. — In terminal corymbose cymes, usually one in the axil. of each leaf of the terminal whorl.

Bracts. — Small.

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