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Botanical description

— Genus, Podocarpus, L' Hér.

Flowers. — Dioecious or rarely monoecious,

Male amenta. — Cylindrical.

Stamens. — Numerous, slightly contracted at the base, the scale-like apices closely imbricate; anther cells two.

Female amenta. — Of two to four bracts or scales, more or less succulent, and united with the rhachis in an oblong receptacle, unequally two or four toothed at the apex.

Ovules. — One or two, exserted, reversed, and adnate to an erect stipe from within the larger teeth or bracts of the receptacle.

Seeds. — Drupaceous, the nucleus enclosed in a double integument, the outer one succulent, the inner one long.

Embryo. — With two short cotyledons and an inferior radicle.

Trees or shrubs.

Leaves. — Alternate or rarely opposite, usually distichous and flat, with a prominent midrib.

Buds — Scaly.

Amenta. — Axillary or terminal, solitary or several together, sessile or shortly racemose.

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