Botanical description

— Genus, Flindersia, R.Br.

Calyx. — Small 5-lobed.

Petals. — Five, imbricate in the bud, spreading.

Disc. — Broad, concave.

Stamens. — Five, inserted on the outside of the disc, with as many or fewer staminodia alternating with them, sometimes wanting; filaments subulate; anther versatile.

Ovary. — Five-celled, 5-lobed.

Style. — Short, thick, inserted between the lobes.

Stigma. — Capitate; ovules 4 to 6 in each cell.

Capsule. — Oblong, hard, tuberculate or muricate, opening septicidally in 5 boat-shaped valves or cocci, without any persistent axis.

Seeds. — Flat, winged, two or three on each side of a flat placenta, which almost divides each cell into two; albumen none; cotyledons flat, radicle very short.


Leaves. — Alternate or more frequently opposite, pinnate or rarely simple, marked with pellucid dots.

Flowers. — In terminal panicles.