Botanical description

— Species, A. pruinosum, F.v.M., in Journ. Bot. x, 9.

A beautiful tree, the young branches, foliage, and inflorescence rusty with a short pubescence, or glabrous.

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Pinnæ. — Very irregularly in one or two pairs, with or without an odd one, the petiole and each rhachis varying from 1 to 6 inches long; leaflets usually three or four pairs on the terminal pinnæ, but very irregular in number, size, and shape, mostly broadly oblong or rhomboidal and acuminate, rarely very obtuse, the larger ones often 2 or 3 inches long, but mostly smaller.

Peduncles. — Two or three together in the upper axils or shortly racemose.

Flowers. — Numerous, in globular umbels, on pedicels of about 2 lines.

Calyx. — Small, shortly toothed.

Corolla. — Fully 2 lines long.

Pod. — Several inches long, 7 to 8 lines broad, flat but much curved and twisted, the upper inner margin thickened and continuous; the outer one much sinuate and undulate, the valves smooth and reddish inside.

Seeds. — Ovate transverse.

Funicle. — Rather thick, but terete, folded under the seed. — (B.Fl. ii, 423, as Pithecolobium).