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Botanical description

— Genus, Macadamia, F.v.M., in Trans. Phil. Inst., Vict. ii, 72.

Flowers. — Hermaphrodite.

Perianth. — Regular or slightly irregular, the tube opening earlier on the under side, and the segments, at least the lower ones, less revolute than in Helicia.

Anthers. — On short filaments inserted a little below the laminae, the connective produced into a gland or very short appendage.

Hypogynous glands. — Equal, distinct or united in a ring or cup round the ovary.

Ovary. — Sessile, with a long straight style, ovoid or clavate at the end, with a small terminal stigma; ovules 2, descending, laterally attached at or near the top.

Fruit. — Globular, indehiscent, with a hard thick putamen, and rather thin fleshy exocarp.

Seeds. — Either solitary and globular, or two and hemispherical; testa membranous.

Cotyledons. — Thick and fleshy.

Trees or tall shrubs.

Leaves. — Verticillate, entire, or serrate.

Flowers. — Pedicellate in pairs, in terminal or axillary simple racemes, the pedicels not connate.

Bracts. — Very deciduous.

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