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Botanical description,

— Genus, Alpltitonia, Reissek.

Calyx. — Five-lobed, spreading.

Petals. — Involute.

Stamens. — Five, included in the petals.

Disk. — Thick, filling the calyx-tube.

Ovary. — Immersed in the disk, two or rarely three celled, tapering into a shortly lobed style.

Drupe. — Globular or broadly ovoid, the epicarp of a dry, mealy or somewhat corky substance; endocarp of two or three hard coriaceous nuts or cocci, opening inwards by a longitudinal slit.

Seeds. — With a shining hard testa, completely enclosed in a membranous brown shining arillus, open at the top, but with the edges folded over; albumen cartilaginous or horny; cotyledons flat.

Tree. — Leaves alternate, penninerved. Cymes dichotomous, many-flowered. Seeds often persisting on the torus after the pericarp has fallen off.

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