Supplementary Material Added at the End of Volume 2

No. 52. Part XIII.

Eucalyptus sideroxylon, A. Cunn.


(Natural Order MYRTACEÆ.)

Varieties. — See vol. ii, P. 66.

Under the above name I have discussed Bentham's variety pallens of E. leucoxylon.

I have raised this to a species under the name E. Caleyi.* It is a Red Ironbark, and much esteemed as a timber tree in the districts in which it grows.

It will be figured and fully described in due course.

Hybridisation. — E. sideroxylon is a species which readily hybridises, with the Boxes, at any rate. Some of the hybrids are so like E. sideroxylon that it is difficult to distinguish them unless the trees be seen or a complete suit of specimens, including juvenile foliage, be available. E. sideroxylon has narrow juvenile foliage, and hence is readily seen to be different from a number of broad-foliaged trees more or less related to it. I have dealt with the matter of hybridisation in Eucalypts, as far as this and other species are concerned, in Proc. Linn. Soc. N. S. W., 1905, p. 492.