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Plate 233: Murray Red Gum. (Eucalyptus rostrata, Schlecht.) Lithograph by Margaret Flockton.

  • A. Juvenile leaf, from Bowning, N.S.W.
  • B. Buds.
  • C. Fruiting twig from Bongbilla, Moulamein, N.S.W.


River Gums. A swamp near Forbes, Lachlan River, N.S.W.

Historic Red Gum, showing the spot where Hume's party sighted the Murray River, and the Gum Tree that Captain Hovell. out his name on, 17th November, 1824. Also the monument erected to the memory of the party. (W.A. Nicholas, photo., presented by Mr. Fellowes).

King Tree. "Red Gum" (E. rostrata.) Wirrabara Forest, South Australia. 120 feet high; 35 ft. round at base; 25 ft. round at breast high. (W. Gill, photo.)

River Gums (E. rostrata). Moonie River, Collarenebri District, North-west N.S.W. (S. W. Jackson, photo).

River Gum on Moonie River, Collarenebri District, N.S.W.," showing carbuncles. " (S. W. Jackson, photo).

Log of E. rostrata. Moira Lake, Murray River, N.S.W.

Mulwala Red Gum Forest, Murray River, N.S.W.

Felling Red Gum Timber. Mulwala Forest, N.S.W., 1888.

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